Artist Statement



               Irish Nowa refers to herself as a cross pollination painter.......Her subjects often cross reference human nature, animal spirit and the intertrans of the inbetween. Nowa’s work explores the presence of illumination, inspired by  concepts of 'divine light' and the path of connection, which becomes the tie that unites technique and metaphor, in a harmonious blending of colour and magnetics.
Nowa has  often used her own daughter as a  model in many of the works, which reflect her desire to share an intimate journey with her subject , and to experience the deep connection with spirit and nature . The seer/viewer are an integral part of the electricity, evoking  a shared moment or current, that pull from outside the canvas field.   Inspired by the rennaissance painters, Nowa's technique of glazing is part of the message. T he quality of Colour, light and clarity is both the visual & philosophical force ,that supports illumnation of the captured moment.”Nowa’s Digital Art, intrinsic to the process, and a true art in itself carries on her signature luminous tradition. Drawing keenly from legend & magic, the path towards evolution is the artists own journey towards illumination. 

A revelation of light ripping asunder the veil of unknowing  heretofore enshrouded and unrevealed  to permit the brilliance  of light to illume  the darkest of moments days  events and bring all into the light’ ... I. regardi