Medieval Gallery

 PAINTING Evoking  the  Romantic Spiritualist

This series  is inspired by  mythic history,  when magic and religion  collided  in the time of   Arthur  and his chivalric vision of peace. Tragically he was cruelly betrayed by all the people he held most dear..  Arthur was rescued by the queens  and apprentices who possessed magical powers ..they wisked him off to Avalon where sorceresses and herbalists   nursed  him back to health after the fall.  The legend of his  return,is a metaphor for the return to this  vision of peace .....which ensures that the legend will does the secret feminine school  of magiciennes healers and apprentices that form a warrior cast of this feminine order.. . as does the series which may see revival and recurrance in other themes.

   The Romantic Spiritualist

  Illuminating the Natural Spiritualist

The  Series  key words are   ‘The Regenerative Powers’.... The  journey to feed the soul......  in  quiet communion with nature   ...... Water as the infinite   source of power recurs in the imagery.....   The stilling  waters  run in the   deep...  The canvas captures a moment  where  women float in swampy shores, rest in illuminated fields, wade through glistening waters and join forces with clouds as they surrender to the higher power .. nature. Warriors, enchantresses, sages and saviors ,  are all cast and glazed into illuminated layers of light that is the marriage of metaphor and technique..............

    Magnetism Gallery

magnetism series  Reconnection to The Intuitive Spiritulist

The works in this series explore the phenomena of Magnetism :the field of attraction, between humans and animals and the nature of their interchangability. My work is an evolving search for this essence of connection… To this end it is my intimate journey with the subjects. Sometimes at the very point of connection as seen in 'White Shining Night', Sometimes, an ethereal double where matter and spirit become suddenly visible as seen in 'Magnetic Inheritance'. The seer / viewer are an integral part of this electricity, evoking a shared moment or current that pull from outside the canvas field.